Do I have to have an artist partner before I apply for the grant?

Yes, there must be an artist partner in place.

Why does there have to be an exploration question?

The Artists in Communities program is about cultural growth and development. When the applicant community creates an exploration question, it is articulating what it hopes to learn during the course of the grant program. That learning can then be applied in the community in its future planning.

Have the eligibility requirements changed?

Applicant eligibility has been expanded to include work places, businesses and institutions. For example, Mosaic Mine at Estevan has hosted an artist residency, as has the Regina Qu’Appelle Health District. School divisions are also eligible to apply for Artists in Communities grants. If you have a question about eligibility, you should call the Arts Board and talk to a consultant.

Can you apply for a Residencies grant if you didn't receive a Projects grant?

We strongly encourage interested communities to apply for a Projects grant as a precursor to applying to the Residencies grant. However, a community might undertake its own planning process, in which case that process and the results should be described in the Innovations application.

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